"As a Chinese-Mexican American female composer, I've always struggled with the opposing forces of either never fitting in OR forging my own path in a mental paradigm in which I am not limited by anything at all. Despite the pain and injustice in the world, and the reality of racism and sexism, I choose to be empowered, and I choose to help a better world along. I ride a form of melancholic optimism. Creativity is my home, and artists are my people.


CONTAINHER is the simplest poem one could form from 2 words, interpreted differently depending on the observer. To me, the name is a challenge, and  it honors a feminine power. It reminds me that I can't be contained. Also, that I am in this form, alive on earth, just for this moment in time ...a momentary container of stardust, dreams and will. 


SF Bay Area artist, vocalist, composer and producer April G cannot be contained 

   ContainHer is a female artist and composer who weaves transcendental sci-fi dreams into indy electro pop that scintillates with warmth and emotion.  

   Along with performing as CONTAINHER throughout the SF Bay Area, April enjoys collaborating with other artists, as a featured lyricist/vocalist, and composing music for multi-disciplinary artistic projects. She also recently contributed music to the beautifully moving video game, Ghost of A Tale(composing, arranging and producing Tilo's Songs). The game was released on Playstation and Xbox in March 2019 and won the prestigious Ping Award for best independent game in France.  


April also contributes to the cross pollination of her Bay Area electronic music community in live electronic music shows she co-organizes with her fellow artists. 


(See article featured in the Bay Bridged)




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