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The moniker "Contain Her" is really just a note to self as an artist…a reminder that I cannot be contained and also that I am alive on this absolutely beautiful earth, just for this cherished moment in time...a momentary container of stardust, dreams and will.


The two word paradox poem opens up even more if you really think of the words "Contain Her".  I like sitting in the infinity of that container and writing songs with catchy melodies that weave in my memories, my personal healing, my hope, my persistence and my joy.


It has been a blessing to hear that my songs have made a difference in the lives of a few people out there. I know I’m an artisanal chocolate of sorts. My music is small batch and handcrafted just like the boutique I own...


but I think I should crank up an amplifier to make sure I get the people in the back. Who knows who might really need my music that doesn’t yet know it. Look around! Music is medicine for the spirit. It’s an honor to make music and to be an artist. Heck, it's an honor to be human alongside all of you at this moment in time that feels like the end and the beginning all at the same time. 

- April aka Containher ErthAngel

Containher Landscape photo.png

 No matter where you came from, what boxes others try to put you in, or what held you back in the past - Let me remind you that you cannot be contained!

Be as bold as love,'cause you're only here for a beautiful minute- Containher

ContainHer is a female artist and composer who weaves transcendental sci-fi dreams into indy electro pop that scintillates with warmth and emotion.  

   Along with performing as CONTAINHER throughout the SF Bay Area, April enjoys collaborating with other artists, as a featured lyricist/vocalist, and composing music for multi-disciplinary artistic projects, most recently a 2023 eco art collaboration with acclaimed bay area sculptor Evan Holm.

She also recently contributed music to the beautifully moving video game, Ghost of A Tale(composing, arranging and producing Tilo's Songs). The game was released on Playstation and Xbox in March 2019 and won the prestigious Ping Award for best independent game in France, but the most thrilling part was seeing fans post metal versions of her bard songs.   


April also contributes to the cross pollination of her Bay Area electronic music community, and throws incredibly creative music shows she co-organizes with her fellow artists, The Yay Area Love Cats.


middle top photo by 

Giuliana Maresca 

bottom left photo by 

Robin Fadtke 

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