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Contain Her Music Live Shows

    Mark your calendars, Love cats! November 9th will be a live vibe to remember. Come one and come all to the Glam Kitty Ball. Dress Glam, Cat or Both and prepare for a night of cat themed mischief!

    Live original music acts will turn up the night to level 11 in a sonic journey provided by Contain Her Music , Turn Me On Dead and Kid Lords while DJ tag team Vedma and Manik will be spinning wax from all over the world, whatever it takes to keep you on your toes and dancing!

    We’ll be hosting a cat themed local artisanal marketplace courtesy of Petite Galleria, a costume contest, prizes and other cat inspired shenanigans at the best venue for live music in the South Bay, The Ritz !

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November 15th 
Music and Mystics 
The Lost Church, San Francisco

Join us in a red velvet chandelier setting for an intimate  evening of live original music with Tess Posner + Containher as they explore songs of empowerment and honoring the feminine divine. 

Bay Area Tarot readers will be there to aid in introspection and Containher will cast the IChing, an eastern method of enhancing contemplation. 

Contain Her Music 


the feeling of walking around with a new song that gives you that joie de vivre. “Did you see that girl filled with music?” “ Did you see him so lit up, like he was filled with her music?”  

This is a band of beasts, without a doubt! 

and we aim to make memories!

Left: Naomi Stine 

Top Middle: Martin Irigoyen

Top Right: Neil Chadhauri 

Middle: Containher/ April Gee

Right: Courtney Hartman

Bottom of Page: Alan Chen + April Gee

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